What to Expect

My aim is to engage with you in the emotional space where you are. This can sometimes mean meeting with deep seated and difficult feelings, such as anxiety, panic, rage, shame, or despair. Having done a great deal of training and therapy, and having a broad life experience, I am able to make myself fully available to work in these difficult places with you, and help bring healing to what has seemed stuck or hopeless. The invitation is to bring whatever you want to your session, and to let this evolve and unfold as the need arises.

Ideally, meetings are once a week for 60 minutes, the optimum routine for processing the work. I work approximately 42 weeks a year, and therapy can be short or long term, according to your needs.

Most people feel safe sitting and talking, as is traditional, but which can sometimes be a very stirring experience, bringing challenge and support in equal measure. In the safety of a trusting therapeutic relationship, thought, behaviour, feeling, and meaning can be safely explored.

  • I am interested in your early relationships, your current relationships, and the relationship in the counselling room, which is a direct source of information. Learning to be present in therapy widens our capacity to be present with ourselves and recognise what we need, having a direct effect on our ability to manage healthy boundaries, be spontaneous, and relax into life’s experiences.  
  • Not just our minds, but our bodies are an expression of who we are, which many of us have lost touch with. Rediscovering our awareness of sensation and behaviours can widen our experiential awareness, and restore the autonomic nervous system’s ability to self-regulate. This profound work can open us to a new personal sense of health and wellbeing in our lives.
  • I believe people discover greater purpose and meaning in their lives when they develop trust in themselves; and to do that, we need to feel safe and supported enough to listen to ourselves and to trust our unique and valuable thoughts and feelings.

People often come to counselling for help during a crisis, but those who stick at it can sometimes find they get unexpected results such as

Wellbeing     Integrity     Growth     Awareness     Self respect     Depth     Empowerment     Choice     Grace