In the past, I’ve consulted a number of other counsellors (including cognitive, person-centred and psychodynamic counsellors) – yet I was entirely unprepared for Rob. He offers me all of himself in every session: his personal warmth, his uncanny ability to sense and name all the feelings in the room (especially those I’m most struggling with) and his willingness to fight for me, even (?especially) when I’m not. Rob’s personal courage has inspired me to begin a process of much-needed emotional unlearning. I could only begin this because I have first learned that whenever I have had need of his support he has never failed me. Rob’s uniquely skilful combination of challenge and support makes him the best counsellor I’ve ever come across. I recommend him to anyone who is struggling with difficult feelings which are getting in the way of living the life they desire.

I would recommend Rob’s help to all. The freedom and space that the sessions have given me to explore my most inner feelings and thought processes have allowed me to begin to understand myself – something that I spent far too long ignoring! Thank you Rob.

Talking with Rob has helped me explore some of my difficulties at a deeper level which has given me a greater understanding and acceptance of why I feel the way I do, and that has really helped me open up to being able to think about making different, more positive choices in my life.

Rob Mcintosh does not shrink from the dark stuff of fear and shame that I bring to him. He courts it, until I become curious and all that overwhelms me becomes benign and manageable. I don’t say that speaking with him gets rid of my anxieties but it keeps them in proportion and puts me in a better place to tackle them alone. I feel liberated by my complex self rather than shackled. He has attended my raw ramblings with resolute compassion. I have seen a lot of therapists and what I like about Rob is the fearlessness which allows for deep and florid exploration rather than a ‘there, there… just come back and give me another £50’ approach.

Rob is a great counsellor. When I first met him, I felt unhappy and traumatised, but the space Rob provided allowed us to explore my feelings and thoughts in a safe environment. Rob is a great listener but also stimulating, thought provoking and questioning. I found I was able to talk openly about my experiences including those I found challenging to express or engage with. Thanks to Rob I’m much more receptive to my thoughts and feelings and am more empowered as a result.

The Inquiry

He’s 1527 miles away,
This other soul that knows
Soulfulness, this magic mirror
That reflects my stars in the vast
Night sky, my moon transits,
The slypes and transepts of my
Dark matter.  Connected via substrata,
Superstrata, the narrow filament of
Understanding, being seen, being heard,
Being thought, being felt,
Will not let him name me but he
Knows me, the only human to recognise
My humanity in this reconnaissance of
Remembrance, resonance, resolution,
Resolve.  Navigating the nebulous, the profound,
Deepest depths and highest heights,
The wide sargasso sea, the sediments,
The age of ages solidified in rock and vaping
In the ether, untouchable, uncatchable,
Here in the heart, the thread of all existence,
Experience, and somehow we bewilder through.
This is the route to somewhere, something, 
Someone – someone who may even be me.