I provide consultation with other experienced or trainee therapists face to face or online. I offer 60 or 90 minute sessions with regular frequency to enable you to meet the requirements of your agency and regulatory body.

I have an integrative approach to supervision, but broadly follow the Hawkins & Shohet model, including a embodied and relational awareness, one informed by neuroscience, with a systemic and transpersonal understanding. It is also important to embrace our own wounded self as the instrument through which we work, making space for the enactment at the heart of relational therapy, which means tolerating uncertainty, conflict and paradox. While this can be complex, sometimes it is by courageously holding a particular quality of space that we facilitate transformational experience.

I have many years experience of bringing awareness to the habitual position, both personally and around adherence to a specific modality, and of facilitating a safe place to explore and contemplate the implications of how we describe our own world and subsequently meet others in their worlds. As an effective supervisor I stay aware of your professional and personal development path, while holding your client work with an awareness of parallel process, and provide a supportive, collegiate balance. I will offer a firm but challenging holding experience for you so that you can offer the same to your clients.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet and explore further.

My fee for supervision is £60 per hour. (£45 for trainees up to level four).