Online …

skype | zoom | facetime … etc

Most of my work has moved online since the pandemic.

Working online is surprisingly effective, and is becoming much more normal. It is still ‘face to face’, and as such it is still possible to track body language and energetic shifts, and to build rapport and trust, sometimes more quickly and deeply than ‘in-person’ work. It can be an advantage to feel safe in your own surroundings and reduce inhibitions. It is also convenient, saves travel time, and gives you a greater choice of potential therapists.

Of course, it can also be frustrating dealing with technological hitches.

Online therapy is imperfect, and has limitations, much like ‘traditional’ therapy. Ruptures and failings can be more explicit and somehow more fragile, but these can also be great opportunities to do the hard work of identifying our relational needs and developing a healthy protest when they are not met, which is the bread and butter of therapeutic growth.

Is it better or worse than face-to-face therapy? I’d say that depends on perception. Definitely worth a try!

I am generally less scary than my online snapshot might suggest!